Artists books


Angie Butler / Pet Galerie Press / ABPress, Bristol, UK


Fond Farewells, 2016
ABPress and The Caseroom Press




Traditional English words we say to each other on parting are printed on vintage handkerchiefs (His and Hers) folded into pages and bound with covers cut from old-fashioned dress and suit fabrics. A recognition that often favourite or well used words are disappearing alongside the passing of generations.

Printed letterpress onto vintage handkerchiefs. Worsted and linen union fabric cover cut with pinking shears, machine stitched. Two volumes (His & Hers).

£52 (plus P&P and insurance)

Death Notice


The Yarrow Valley is a stunningly beautiful forested rural area in the Scottish Borders and home to an abundance of wildlife. A road, the A708 runs the whole length of the valley. This book stands as a memento mori for the many birds and creatures that met their end on that road during one summer.


Another Old Lady, 2013



Exploring the interaction of visual and verbal language in the interpretation of a text poem, using letterpress printed typographic elements. Book slip-case made from a chip cone, the title of the book printed on a chip fork which is adhered to the casing. There is a ready-made half-moon notch cut into the back of the slip-case to aid the removal of the book. The book contains seven folded, unbound letterpress printed sheets of assorted white, cream, and pink papers. Each one reveals the line and expression of text poem No.88 Old Lady Eating A Fish, taken from Andrew Wilson’s book, Text Messages, 2003. The book can be held in one hand whilst removing each page in sequence to read the text, thus mirroring the motions of the old lady eating her white fish whilst, ‘breaking bits off.’

Letterpress printed onto tracing paper, kitchen paper cartridge paper and vellum tracing paper.

7 pages, 90 x 95mm (including chip fork), edition of 20.


Open House, 2012

Angie Butler and Philippa Wood / Pet Galerie Press and The Caseroom Press






A two-volume artists' book produced as part of a collaborative project between Angie Butler (Pet Galerie Press) and Philippa Wood (The Caseroom Press).

No.18. An intimate selection of creative interpretations (twelve blog post headings) from our online house ‘tour’ descriptions and stories about items and objects from an everyday (but much loved) spoon rest, to the ‘extravagance’ of eating liquorice. The experience of looking through this book has parallels with viewing a house: in turning pages/opening doors, different thoughts and narratives are revealed, depending on how you navigate your way, and if caring to delve deeper, or look closer. The 24-page book is hardback cloth bound in three sections with decorative endpapers. It is letterpress, silkscreen and digitally printed, with additional manually typewritten text, and ornamented with both badges and buttons.
Angie Butler

No.42 is a visual exploration of my living environment. Personal objects and belongings, and the space they inhabit, are described in what initially appears to be a rather abstract or impersonal manner. Further memories associated with the house or objects within, are hidden away in small envelopes stitched into the book, to be revealed only if and when the viewer feels tempted to discover more. The 24-page book is encased within grey-board covers with an exposed spine and decorative endpapers. The book is printed using both traditional letterpress techniques and digital technology. In addition machine stitching, self-adhesive stickers and rubber stamps are used to embellish the pages of the book.
Philippa Wood

No. 18. A 24-page book. Letterpress, digital and silk-screen printed onto 130gms Similie Japon, hardback cloth bound cover, 18 x 21cms (closed).With additional badges, fold-out and stuck-on elements.

No.42. A 24-page book. Letterpress and digitally printed onto 150gms Howard Smith Think4 white, hard back bound onto 2mm grey board, 18 x 21cms (closed). With additional stickers, fabric and sewn-in elements.

Each 24 pages, 180 x 210mm (closed), edition of 12.


Serviette Stories, 2016


A short narrative from the viewpoint of a paper napkin: citing the meal served and time of day when it was used. In this case, a 'cream tea' at four o'clock.

Letterpress printed onto red gingham paper napkin, folded to 4pp, cloth cover cut with pinking shears.


Kyaak, 2015



'Kyaak' lists the names of six fine traditional Scottish cakes printed letterpress on to recipe style cards alongside definitions taken from a 1968 Chambers' dictionary, purchased from Last Century Books, Innerleithan, Scotland. A small accompanying pamphlet discusses the origins of the Scottish Kyaak (cake). All items enclosed within a gingham lined hardback folio, presented in a letterpress-printed baker's paper bag.

Hand set and printed at Deuchar Mill, Yarrow, in Summer 2015 by Angie Butler, ABPress.


This Place Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6



A collection of books printed over two consecutive summer residencies spent in the Scottish Borders at a particularly special place, Deuchar Mill, home of eminent Book Artist Helen Douglas (Weproductions).

Each book hand-set with type and blocks and letterpress printed onto Weproductions vintage paper stock using the Vandercook No 4 studio press.


Lover’s Knot, 2014





This delightful, delicate edition was made during Angie Butler’s recent summer residency with Helen Douglas at Deuchar Mill. It was inspired by a conversation with Helen about the working practice of her friend Ian Hamilton Finlay. It was made in response to Hamilton Finlay’s Valentine card works with Gary Hincks.

Letterpress printed on a Vandercook No. 4 at Deuchar Mill, using vintage papers and glassine ‘Lover’s Knot’ for endpapers from Weproductions stock. Edition of 22.


Tour de France, 2012




A small book that is map-like in the experiential qualities of its navigation. The printed text depicts travelling glimpses – small, everyday observations of France, from an English person’s point of view. Complete with a few spelling mistakes, mispronunciations, or incorrect word emphasis, it evidences an appreciation and romantic fondness for French culture.

Letterpress printed double-sided maze book, which can be opened out to the sheet size of 64cms x 48cms. Spiral typeset, and printed with plum black letterpress ink on to Simile Japon 130gms.

9 x 7cms, folded sheet 640 x 480mm, edition of 12.