Here you will find very collectable books not only by Britain’s leading book artists, but by book artists from France and the USA.

We have books by Susan Allix, Sarah Bodman, and Lucy May Schofield, whose works are already in the collections of the US Library of Congress, the Yale Centre for British Art, the British Library, Tate Britain and the National Art Library at the V&A, London. Start your collection today!

Overseas artists whose books we stock include French artists Albert Dupont and Anne Rook and American artists Susan Johanknecht at the Gefn Press and Joe D’Ambrosio.

New to artists’ books? Today many artists make their own books, sometimes they make the whole book themselves, writing it, illustrating it, setting the type, making the plates, printing and where relevant doing the binding too. But artists being artists also collaborate with other artists and sometimes more than one artist is involved in the production of a book. These are not books about artists these are books made by artists.

Artists books


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