Fine presses


Fox Ash Press, Essex, UK

Inside the Earthen Vessel, 2014
A collaborative project between Pete Kennedy and David Jury




Duncan Walker writes, ‘Each sheet contains a poem made up of two inter-related texts which together form the shape of a clay ‘vessel’. The texts in the larger type involve the ideas of omnipotent thinkers and/or makers, the second offers an equivalent in the form of memories from the back streets and football terraces of Burnley in Lancashire. The six vessels have an order. When seen together they appeaer to be in a state of increasing collapse. The first ‘Destination Dust’ (Herman Hesse) presents an almost intact vessel, whilst the last ‘Celtic Shaman Joker boy’ (Joseph Beuys) seems to have largely broken down enabling the words within to spill out. For writer/poet/artist Pete Kennedy ‘Inside this Earthen Vessel’ is the end of what has been a long gestation process, the vessels having appeared in a number of variations and guises. The poems were already in ‘vessel form’ when David Jury first saw them.

It was June 2014 when Kennedy and Jury decided to collaborate on this new letterpress printed version.

6 sheets, 380 x 530mm, Zerkall 145gm mould-made paper with deckled edges on 3 sides.

£25 per individual sheet (plus P&P and insurance)

£125 set of 6 plus cover
(plus P&P and insurance)

Humphrey Spender: Morocco, a desert adventure, 2004






This is the secret diary kept by Humphrey Spender on a commissioned photographic visit to Morocco in 1934. On his return he produced a censored version with the idea of publishing it in the future. The two texts appear here for the first time with previously unseen photographs. This book was produced to coincide with an exhibition of Spender’s Moroccan photographs at the Photographer’s Gallery in 2004.

David Jury is an author, editor and designer of books concerning typography, printing and graphic design and has been Course Leader of MA Art, Design and the Book at Colchester School of Art for some years. He is the proprietor of the Fox Ash Press, designing and letterpress printing limited edition books from his studio. The Yale Centre for British Art is among the many collections that hold his work.

80 pages, 262 x 382mm, edition of 300.

32 black and white photographs by Humphrey Spender, printed three colour lithography trimmed and tipped in. Designed and printed by David Jury, typesetting by Harry McIntosh, lithographic printing by Simmons Colour Print, Chelmsford, text printed on 145 gsm Zerkall paper. Binding by The Fine Bindery.

£75 (plus P&P and insurance)