Whether you want to spend just five pounds or 300 or more, we have a wide range of books that would make great gifts.

We recommend:

Under £30 buy a copy of: 'World Famed Hooks and Eyes' by Sylvia Watering A beautiful photographic homage to the domestic world of the 1950s and 60s. A gem!

Under £100: 'This Place no.s 1-6' by Angie Butler, ABPress. A set of six hand-printed books in a wooden slipcase.

Under £200 'Alphabetum Romanum': The Letterforms of Felice Feliciano, c.1460, Verona from Greenboathouse Press.

For a bit more: 'Trading Eights – The Faces of Jazz' 2016 from Mixolydian Editions. This sumptuous slim volume pays homage to a uniquely American style of music, known for its spontaneity and improvisation.

'Ode to a chestnut on the ground' from Verdegris Editions. Taken from ‘Selected Odes’ by Pablo Neruda, this rich volume is a perfect example of the work of Verdigris Editions, a collaboration between the American artist/printmaker Judith Rothchild and the English printer Mark Lintott.

Great gifts